The Journey: From A Chubby Girl to a Healthy Mum

Hey there! Thanks for coming

Good Health and a Good Sense are two of life greatest blessing. — Publilius Syrus

This blog is to document my journey from start to end. I started following healthy habits: like eating healthy eating right and never smoking or drinking.

While I never smoked and I was a very light drinker, I was quite overweight (An understatement).

That is when I decided to take matters in my hands.

However it wasn’t much later that I found that I had diabetes. So the damage was already done.

But I remained strong and adamant.

However I also found out about CBD then and decided to give it a shot.

Desperate times call for a desperate action!

I started trying Healthier Alternatives. 6 months into the journey and I was already a good 10 pounds out. (I am 5 feet 1, so that matters a lot)

This gave me confidence to improve my diabetes and even cure it (everything seemed possible now)

Anyways I will be back with a follow up post on what exactly worked for me, some tips for you and my journey with CBD.

Till another time!



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