Health Tips From Kate

I won’t run around the bushes. Here are the best health tips that I can share with you:

  • Start your Day with a glass of lukewarm water
  • Don’t eat anything in the morning.
  • By nothing I mean nothing
  • YES nothing!
  • Also you can’t drink anything but water till lunch
  • Have a hearty lunch
  • Don’t eat anything till Dinner
  • Have a hearty Dinner
  • This will produce Ketones in your Body
  • Ketones burn body fats. This process is called Ketosis
  • You are all set
  • I like to add 2-3 drops of CBD Oil to my morning and evening water intakes

So there you have it. My Health Tips. Follow this and you will be pretty. Also I will be adding some tips here routinely.



CBD and World

We are a family of ultra conservatives. We like to call us right wingers. However what amazes everyone, even some of my friends is our interest in CBD or CBD Oil

So what if traditional right wing ideology doesn’t support CBD. My political affiliations don’t affect what I buy for my family.

I found a nice blog on CBD Brand Reviews. That motivated me to try it for the family and here we are. We are now completely in love with our range of products with CBD in them.

Anyways, this blog is of a conservative girl who loves CBD. If you would like to receive some awesome tips about health, then Welcome!

The Journey: From A Chubby Girl to a Healthy Mum

Hey there! Thanks for coming

Good Health and a Good Sense are two of life greatest blessing. — Publilius Syrus

This blog is to document my journey from start to end. I started following healthy habits: like eating healthy eating right and never smoking or drinking.

While I never smoked and I was a very light drinker, I was quite overweight (An understatement).

That is when I decided to take matters in my hands.

However it wasn’t much later that I found that I had diabetes. So the damage was already done.

But I remained strong and adamant.

However I also found out about CBD then and decided to give it a shot.

Desperate times call for a desperate action!

I started trying Healthier Alternatives. 6 months into the journey and I was already a good 10 pounds out. (I am 5 feet 1, so that matters a lot)

This gave me confidence to improve my diabetes and even cure it (everything seemed possible now)

Anyways I will be back with a follow up post on what exactly worked for me, some tips for you and my journey with CBD.

Till another time!